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“Welcome to our family of strategists and problem-solvers! Here at Smartchoice International, we’re not just a simple staffing agency.
We are your strategic partners helping you connect ambitious professionals with the right companies. Scroll down and get acquainted with the dedicated individuals propelling us and our partners forward.”

Gavin liinehan

Gavin liinehan


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Sales Manager

“I am here to forge meaningful connections and deliver unparalleled solutions that drive customer success. I am a hard working professional trying to emphasize with each business and their needs. When I am not at work, I enjoy winter sports, especially snowboarding, spending time with my friends and family, travelling to destinations with amazing landscapes.”

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Yordan yordanov

Managing Director - Bulgaria

“I am a dedicated Managing Director for Bulgaria, blending strategic leadership with market-specific insights. My role focuses on driving growth, nurturing team excellence, and help business success in the Bulgarian context.”

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Account Manager

“I am a dynamic professional, bring a wealth of experience to the recruitment landscape. Holding a bachelor’s degree in computer science and engineering, I ventured into the realm of talent acquisition with a focus on Core IT Recruitment.
Beyond work, I am a traveller with a penchant for exploring new places, a photography enthusiast, and an avid researcher.”

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luke griffiths

Client Partner

Luke is our Northern Market Specialist. With his Degree in Drama and Theatre, he has the ability to engage and connect with clients, turning every interaction into a memorable experience.
When he is not working, you can find Luke on a football field, travelling to different parts of the world or just hanging out with some friends.

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Antony aadhan

Managing Director

Antony is a seasoned professional, enriching the Smartchoice International with his experience. At work, his focus lies in keeping pace with technological advancements and cultivating lasting business relationships.
Antony has a remarkable knack for connecting with clients and partners, crafting solutions that are not only effective but also forward-thinking.”

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ayna gupta

Technical Recruitment Consultant

I am all about tech and people! I turned her passion for technology into a cool gig as a Technical Recruiter. I do it all – from mentoring to connecting top-notch talent with awesome opportunities.

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tudor rus

Recruitment Manager

”If I need to tell something about Tudor, I’d say that he is a S.P.E.C.I.A.L individual! Surprising, Performant, Enthusiastic, Creative, Idealistic, Ambitious and a Leader by example.
With over 10 years of experience in HR, Team Leading, Customer Service, Account Management and Accounting, I’ve learned to be a People to Business match maker by either putting the right people and jobs together or bringing people together towards a common goal.”

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Catherine Christian


“I am deeply committed to empowering our team with unwavering support, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of our operations to ensure that every aspect of our projects is meticulously planned and executed. My focus is on creating an environment where team members feel fully supported.”

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Iliyan Atanasov


“As a business graduate with expertise in IT recruitment, I am passionate about finding and attracting the best talent. My mission is to help individuals discover and develop their path. In my spare time, I am always eager to learn new skills and technologies, and I have completed multiple certifications related to recruiting, management, and agile project management.”

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anzhelika dimova

Recruitment Consultant

“Anzhelika said that her focus at work is to bring together exceptional individuals, because she connects the people behind the business with the right candidates. Since travel is her ultimate passion, you can find her maybe visiting a new country, territory, or a touristic objective since it allows her to step out her comfort zone and explore different cultures.”

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paula istvanffy

Senior IT Recruiter

“I am here to link top professionals with the team they can innovate and grow. Beyond recruitment, I enjoy spending time with my kid, and help him discover the world with all it’s mysteries and do relaxing activities like traveling and explore different areas with my family and friends. “

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