Smartchoice Romania

Bucharest in Romania
Smartchoice Romania is the latest addition to the Smartchoice International family and it provides companies with a trusted partner in finding the right candidates to fulfill their plans and missions.

We pride ourselves with our attention to detail, and with the care we take in deeply understanding the needs of your business and the various skills employers must have to ensure your goals will be met.

We provide both national and international companies with thorough knowledge of the Romanian IT market, consulting them on candidate attraction, hiring and retention strategies, minimizing their expenses, through a blend of psychocultural and market specific understanding. This is possible due to our consultants being native Romanian speakers and seasoned technical recruiters on the Romanian markets but also on international ones.

The values that define us

  • Transparency at every step
  • Speed and efficiency in recruiting
  • Fair conditions for all parties
  • Working with the best

Types of Employees & Services Provided

  • Specific Roles – IT staff
  • Contractors – Self Employed or SRL
  • Permanent Staff
  • Consulting in the project bidding and in the preparation and selection of a complete team

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30 Frumoasa Street, 2nd Floor, Module 1.24, 1st District, Bucharest, Romania

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+40 31 630 0651

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